We seek out investors with an interest in diversifying their holdings to include third-party development opportunities with low downside risk and strong potential for exceptional returns from cash-flow producing real estate assets.

Each transaction follows its own tailored structure, although common threads run through our investments. Once an opportunity is identified, we typically work with equity partners to provide project financing. Perspective provides a portion of the equity. This aligns our investors’ interest with our own by only undertaking projects where we have “skin in the game.”

Projects typically follow a 12-24 month timeline to complete, during which we arrange interim and take-out financing. We have been successful in providing investors with a substantial or full redemption of their capital within this timeframe, thereby freeing funds for future growth.

Our philosophy centers around providing professional services while enjoying the process. To this end, we adhere to certain principles, which we expect from our team and like-minded investors. They are: 

Accessibility - We are accessible at all times and return communications promptly.

Transparency - We keep partners apprised of all relevant decisions, changes and issues affecting their investments.

Integrity - We place ethical behaviour and long-term thinking ahead of expediency.

Conscientiousness - We complete all work in a professional and diligent manner. 

1 Van Horne Architectural Rendering 

1 Van Horne Architectural Rendering